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French Expressions with Comprendre

Idiomatic French expressions


The French verb comprendre literally means "to understand" and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say it has two parts, to catch on quickly, you don't have a clue, and more with this list of expressions with comprendre.

Possible meanings of comprendre
  • to understand
  • (informal) to get
  • to be composed of
  • to consist of
  • to include

Expressions with comprendre

comprendre 2/3/4 parties
to have, be composed/made up of 2/3/4 parts

comprendre la gravité de...
to understand/realize the seriousness of...

comprendre le chauffage (rental)
to include heat

comprendre les frais
to include fees/expenses

comprendre mal
to misunderstand, to have a hard time understanding

comprendre sa douleur (informal)
to realize what you've let yourself in for

comprendre vite
to catch on quickly

croire comprendre
to believe, think

faire comprendre à quelqu'un
to explain, make it clear to someone

ne comprendre rien à rien
to not understand a thing, to not have a clue about anything

ne pas arriver à comprendre
to not be able to understand

ne pas comprendre la plaisanterie
to not be able to take a joke

C'est à n'y rien comprendre.
It's beyond me; I can't understand a thing.

C'est comme ça que je comprends...
That's what I think of as..., That's how I see/understand...

Dois-je comprendre que...?
Am I to understand that...?

Il faut comprendre que...
It must be understood that...

Si je comprends bien...
As I understand it...

Tu n'as rien compris au film ! (informal)
You don't have a clue!

se faire comprendre
to make oneself understood

Ça se comprend.
That's understandable.

Est-ce que je me fais bien comprendre ?
Do I make myself understood?

J'espère que je me suis bien fait comprendre.
I hope I've made myself clear.

Comprendre conjugations
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