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French Employment, Careers, Jobs - French at Work

Put your French skills to work. These links will help you find language-related jobs and information on working in francophone countries. Isn't it about time you started making some money back from all those French classes?

Jobs using French
People often tell me that they love French and would like to find a job - any job - where they can use it, but aren't sure what kind of job that might be. Sound familiar? Here is an introduction to some of the jobs that languages can be used for, as well as links to further information and resources.

Living + Working in France
Many people dream of living and possibly working in France, but not many succeed in actually doing it. Just what is it that makes it so difficult to live and work in France?

Teaching French
French teaching tips and tools: projects, classroom games, teaching combined classes, and more for French teachers.

Lists of translation companies and freelancers, plus many helpful resources.

Writing a French Résumé ~ Le CV français
When writing a French résumé, there is an obvious language difference as well as the issue of certain information that may not be required on résumés in your country. Here are the basic requirements, formats, and several examples of French résumés.

French Job Letters
Writing a good formal letter in French is less about skill than it is knowing the jargon and the formulas. I've compiled a list of the most commonly needed formulas for job seekers. There's also a sample letter to help you get started.

French Job Search
Search for jobs using French, including teaching, translating, and more.

International Job Search Engines
Links to the best international job search engines, from About.com's guide to job searching.

Online recruiter for temps in France, plus info on writing your CV, working as a temp, etc. French only.

Ambassade de France
The French Embassy in the US can be a source of helpful job info.

The name says it all - search for a job where you can put your skills to work. Free registration.

CareerBuilder Canada
Search for jobs in Canada and post your resume. You can search in French or English.

Email Job
Post your resume and sign up to receive job offers by email.

Search for jobs in Europe. Select a country and field and/or post your resume.

American Chamber of Commerce in France
Possible assistance with finding French-speaking work in the US.

Search their French job listings by region or industry. French only.

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