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Specialized French Dictionaries and Information

Links to specialized French dictionaries covering specific fields like math, science, literature, art, and medicine, plus lessons on various aspects of specialized French.

French Acronyms + Abbreviations ~ Acronymes et sigles
VTT, TGV, DEUG... Lost in alphabet soup? Acronyms abound in the French language, especially in newspapers, on the news, and in political discussions. Get a good head start by memorizing this list of the most common ones.

An apheresis, or aphaeresis, is a word which is shortened by dropping one or more syllables at the beginning of the word, and sometimes adding an extra sound at the end. Aphereses are often informal and are less common in French than apocopes.

Apocopes / Abbreviations
It is very common in French for long words to be abbreviated by dropping one or more syllables at the end, and, in some instances, then adding an -o, such as dico, ordi, and métro. There are some apocopes which are so old that they are normal register, but most are informal or familiar, so use them with caution.

French Astronomy Vocabulary
Learn French vocabulary related to astronomy to talk about planets, stars, and other celestial objects. Note that the names of the planets are similar in French and English, but their pronunciations can be quite different.

French Audio Dictionary
The French audio dictionary contains more than 2,000 alphabetical entries, each with a French word or expression, sound file, English translation, and links to additional or related information.

Birthdays in French
Learn how to say happy birthday in French, and other related vocabulary.

French Business Letters
Writing a good formal letter in French is less about skill than it is knowing the jargon and the formulas. I've compiled a list of the most commonly needed formulas for commercial correspondence as well as job seekers. There's also a sample letter to help you get started.

Canadian Provinces
Learn how to say each of the Canadian provinces in French.

French Christmas Vocabulary
Whether writing a letter to Santa or just celebrating Christmas, this French Christmas vocabulary will come in handy.

French Coffee - Ordering Coffee in France
If you think ordering coffee in a French café or bar is the same as back home, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Ask for un café and you'll be presented with a tiny cup of espresso, and if you then request milk, you're likely to get a dirty look or sigh of exasperation. What's the problem?

Countries in French
French-English and English-French list of the countries of the world.

French Cycling Vocabulary
Whether you love cycling or just watching competitions like the Tour de France, you'll want to learn some French vocabulary related to cycling.

Dictionary of French Expressions
Hundreds of the French expressions, including idiomatic expressions, proverbs, phrasal verbs, and formulas, arranged alphabetically by the first word in the French expression.

French Halloween Vocabulary
Learn some French Halloween vocabulary.

How to Read a French Menu
Reading the menu in a French restaurant can be a little tricky, and not just due to language difficulties. There may be important differences between restaurants in France and in your own country, including what food is offered and how it is prepared. Here are some terms and tips to help you find your way around a French menu.

Hanukkah and Judaism - French Vocabulary
Hanukkah is a Jewish festival of survival and freedom that lasts for eight days. Learn some French vocabulary related to this annual Jewish celebration.

Do you know how to say "hug" in French? If the answer is no, don't feel bad, because the French don't really hug.

French Kisses - Bise vs Bisou
French has a number of different words for "kiss," which, though not surprising for such a romantic language, can be confusing for French learners. The most common are bise and bisou, and while they have similar meanings and uses, they're not exactly the same.

Kwanzaa - French Vocabulary
Kwanzaa is an annual celebration Learn about some Kwanzaa traditions and the French vocabulary to describe them.

French Love Language
How to say "I love you" in French, plus lots more love language, with sound files.

Mardi Gras - French Vocabulary
Mardi gras is an annual celebration called le mardi gras (literally, "fat Tuesday") or le carnaval in French. Learn about some Mardi gras traditions and the French vocabulary to describe them.

French Math Vocabulary
A list of several dozen necessary math terms as well as instructions on expressing basic equations in French.

Media and Communication - French Vocabulary
Learn French vocabulary related to media and communication, including television, radio, internet, and snail mail.

French Movie Vocabulary
Learn French vocabulary related to movies and film festivals, including cast, crew, genres, and useful verbs.

French Names
These pages include more than 200 of the most popular French first names, along with their pronunciation and English equivalents.

National Holidays and Patriotism - French Vocabulary
In honor of the 4th of July (American Independence Day) and the 14th of July (Bastille Day / French Independence Day), here is a list of French vocabulary related to the French and American national holidays.

French News Vocabulary ~ Le vocabulaire de l'actualité
The French you learn in your classes is not always enough when dealing with the real world. This list of French vocabulary related to current events and news will help you understand what is going on in the world.

Senses in French ~ Les sens
Learn French words and verbs related to the five senses, as well as some French vocabulary related to the sixth sense.

French Slang
Recommended books, dictionaries, useful websites, and other information about French slang.

French Soccer Vocabulary
Learn French vocabulary related to soccer and the World Cup.

Special Occasions - French Vocabulary
Learn French vocabulary related to holidays and other special occasions.

Sports - French Vocabulary
Lists of French and English vocabulary for many sports, from your Guide.

French Tennis Vocabulary
Whether you love playing tennis or just watching annual tournaments like Wimbledon and the French Open, you'll want to learn some French vocabulary related to tennis.

French Terms of Endearment
French has all kinds of interesting terms of endearment, including a rather odd assortment of barnyard animals. Check out this list of French terms of endearment to use with your loved ones (both romantic and familial).

Texting - Les Textos français
Learning French is one thing, but French on the internet - in chatrooms, forums, and email - or via text messaging can seem like a different language. Here are some common French abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols to help you communicate via text.

French Thanksgiving Vocabulary
Thanksgiving is not celebrated in France, so here is some French vocabulary related to the American holiday.

US States
Learn how to say each of the US states in French.

French Wine
If you love French wine but hate ordering it, here's something that can help. Page one is a list of French wines and related vocabulary with sound files to help you pronounce the names of French wines, and page two has French terms useful for wine tasting.

Writing a French Résumé ~ Le CV français
When writing a French résumé, there is an obvious language difference as well as the issue of certain information that may not be required on résumés in your country. Here are the basic requirements, formats, and several examples of French résumés.

ABC de bibliophilie
Printing presses, kinds of paper, everything for book-lovers. French only.

L'ABC des réseaux
All the vocab you need related to networks. The French and English indices are separate.

Dictionary of computer science acronyms. Type English acronym for French definition and equivalent.

AGROVOC Thesaurus
"AGROVOC is a multilingual, structured and controlled vocabulary designed to cover the terminology of all subject fields in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and related domains (e.g. environment)."

The Astronomy Thesaurus
French to and from English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Base autisme
List of terms related to autism - definitions in both French and English.

Base Fibre optique
Definitions in French and English for fiber optics. There's a lot of extraneous info on the definition pages.

Base Freinage
Everything you need to know about brakes!

Base "Hubble"
Need to know some vocab related to the Hubble telescope? This is the place.

Base phytovirologie
French and English definition related to plant virology.

Base Suspension
Vocab related to automobile's suspension.

Base Vergues - Dictionnaire de la mâture
Every part of a ship's mast is available in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Cadenza Glossary
Music dictionary: English-French-German-Serbian.

Dictionary of colors.

CILF Orthonet - Base de terminologie
An amazing resource: French, English, Spanish, and German - pick between the following specialized dictionaries: Social Science, Industry, Astronomy, Genetics, Space Exploration, Environment, Hydrology, Photography, Spatiology, Law, Ocean, Agriculture, and even a few more. Whatever you're looking for is probably here!

La Clé des procédés littéraires
Everything you need to know about literary techniques: glossary, literary genres, examples of techniques, and more. French only

Commercial French
Business French class offered by Lafayette College.

Commisariat à l'énergie atomique
Glossary of terms related to atomic energy, French only.

Computing Terms
A list of computer-related terms in English with their French equivalents.

La Consommation et la cuisine
Slow to load, but a fun exercise on vocabulary related to cooking and eating.

"Recueil de mots n'existant pas, ou de mots éxistants dont la définition a été revue afin de contribuer largement à l'évolution du langage en lui occtroyant une signification plus adaptée au contexte moderne."

Dicocitations - Dictionnaire de citations
Search by author or keyword, French only. Small membership fee.

Dictionnaire de bactériologie vétérinaire
Dictionary of veterinary bacteriology.

Dictionnaire de la réadaptation
Search for definitions of French words related to rehabilitation. French only.

Dictionnaire de l'informatique et d'internet
Click a letter for a list of terms definied in French.

Dictionnaire de l'internaute
Everything related to networks, the web, and computer science, from IBM-Canada. English to French.

Dictionnaire de mots croisés
Get help with those crossword puzzles! French only.

Dictionnaire de termes de marine et de nautisme
French-English and English-French dictionary of nautical terms.

Dictionnaire du droit privé
Alphabetical hypertext list of vocabulary related to civic law.

Le dictionnaire du net
List of new French vocabulary, virtually all related to computers and the internet. Definitions are in French.

Dictionnaire encyclopédique d'astronomie
Bilingual dictionary, articles, and much more.

Dictionnaire multilingue du cheval
Horse vocabulary in French, English, Spanish, and German.

L'Eau douce
Whatever you want to say about water can be found right here.

Les Écoles
Fill-in-the-blanks with the appropriate information related to the French educational system.

EUROPA: Glossaire de l'Union européenne
Institutions, policies, and specialized vocabulary; French only.

Le français des affaires et des professions
The Parisian Chambre of Commerce offers classes and certificates in various specializations.

France Terme
Tired of franglais? This site will give you the recommended translation for imported terms in all kinds of specialized fields.

French for Business and the Professions
Topics include labor, economics, business practices, and more.

Gastronomy Dictionary
French-English list of culinary terms and common ingredients.

Glossaire de l'architecture romane
Glossary of Roman architectural terminology.

Glossaire de biochimie
French list and defnitions of biochemistry.

Glossaire d'oenologie
French terms related to wine tasting with French definitions.

Glossaire de psychologie
Fairly long list, French only.

Glossaire de télédétection du CCT
Exhaustive dictionary of terms related to remote sensing. Search for the word in English or French to get French definition and translation.

Glossaire de termes d'automobile
French with French definitions, from French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Glossaire des termes du bois
Everything you ever wanted to say about wood, French only.

Glossaire des termes musicaux
Long list of musical terms, in French.

Glossaire de termes relatifs à Internet
English to French with French definition.

Glossaires e-commerce et e-marketing
Several glossaries related to e-commerce and marketing.

Glossaire les Neuf planètes
List of French terms related to astronomy with French definitions.

Glossaire progressif d'entomologie
Glossary of bug vocabulary, with graphics. French only.

Glossaire SIDA
The complete glossary of AIDS-related terms and acronyms, French only.

Grand Dictionnaire terminologique
A huge online dictionary: 3 million terms covering 200 different fields!

Database of social and labor fields: French to and from English, Spanish, and German.

Journalisme - Académie de journalisme du BBC
BBC has made their journalism guidlines available to one and all. Topics include BBC style, word choice, impartiality, and more.

Leçon de géologie
Read this introduction to geology in French for the essential vocabulary.

Leçon de guitare
An introduction to guitars and the blues, in French.

Lexique anglais-français de l'Institut canadien des actuaires
Vocabulary related to insurance and actuaries, downloadable.

Lexique de géologie
Very nice dictionary of geology, French only.

Lexique de la mode
Terms related to fashion and the clothing industry. French only.

Lexique des abréviations
List of French education-related acronyms.

Lexique des termes littéraires
Terms related to literary movements, styles, etc., French only.

Lexique économique
Alphabetical list of economics vocabulary.

Lexique socio-économique
Search alphabetically or by themes, French with French definitions.

Lexique français-anglais de l'audiovisuel
Nice list of French to English terms. You can use it online or download for offline use.

Lexique médical
Dictionary of internal medicine, French only.

Médicine vétérinaire
Terms related to veterinary medicine, French only, slow to load.

Nice dictionary of meteorology, hyperlinks in definitions, French only.

Méthodes d'analyses des circuits
Vocabulary and the basic principles of circuits, in French.

Des Mots et des autos
French to English with definitions in French.

Néologie micro-économie
All the vocab you need related to microeconomics.

La novlangue des journalistes en ligne
Mélange de néologismes, de franglais, de termes issus des logiciels et d’expressions potaches utilisé par les journalistes français sur le Web.

Paiement électronique : Glossaire
French and English with French definitions, mostly acronyms.

Extensive list of terms with definitions, French only.

Petite Leçon de Perl
A French explanation of the internet language Perl.

Récepteur GPS
Global Positioning System.

Le RÉTIF : termes informatiques français
French only, brought to you by the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique.

La Sécurité sociale et la médecine
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate French vocabulary.

Service canadien des forêts : Termes
List of French words related to forestry with French definition and English translation.

Tempérament musicaux et mathématiques
A discussion of the musical/mathematical temperament in French (long and detailed).

Terminologie du génie génétique
Dictionary of genetics, bi-directional with definitions and synonyms.

Vocabulaire de la géomatique
French terms with detailed definitions.

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