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Haitian French Creole - French in Haiti

A French creole is spoken in Haiti - these links offer plenty of information about this interesting relative of French, as well as some lessons for anyone adventurous enough to learn it.

Common Haitian Conversational Phrases
A long list, plus a pronunciation guide.

Haitian Creole English Dictionary
This free dictionary can be accessed online or downloaded to your computer.

Haitian Creole Profile
Excellent source of information about Haitian Creole.

Haiti French vs Paris French
Brief explanation of how Haitian French differs from Parisian French.

Haitian proverbs, riddles, jokes, and folktales, plus links to a Creole dictionary and info about grammar and sentences.

Kreyòl ayisyen
Learn the Haitian Creole alphabet.

Kreyol Dictionary
An online English to Haitian Creole dictionary.

Windows on Haiti
Forum in and about Haitian creole.

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