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European French Dialects - French in Europe

French dialects, patois, and regional languages in Europe.
  1. Dialects in France (28)

Belgicismes et expressions bruxelloises
List of Belgian-French terms, defined in French.

Carte du francoprovençal
Crude map of French dialects in Switzerland and eastern France.

Dictionnaire Suisse Romand
List of several dozen French words particular to the Swiss dialect.

Petit manuel de grammaire wallonne
Learn Wallone grammar online.

Radio Fribourg
Music and news from Switzerland.

Radio-Television Belge
Learn about the happenings in French-speaking Belgium.

Walloon Language Page
Walloon is closely related to but not a dialect of French. Discussion of linguists, dialects, and more.

Le Nom des témoins
Very limited, but an interesting map of the Valais romand dialects. You can click on the different areas to hear "my name is..." spoken in that dialect.

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