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French English Bilingual Books


I personally don't like to read translations, because I believe that something is lost when literature is translated out of its original language. However, bilingual books (sometimes called dual-language books) are a great way to enjoy literature when your language skills aren't quite good enough to read the original. The following books are French classics that include the original French as well as an English translation, so that you can compare them as you read.

1. Introduction to French Poetry

Dual-language (French and English) book of poetry.
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2. Selected Fables / Fables Choisies

Read some of Jean de la Fontaine's classic fables in French and English.

4. Flowers of Evil and Other Works / Les Fleurs du mal et oeuvres choisies

Charles Beaudelaire's classic "Les Fleurs du mal" and other works in French and English.
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6. Two Stories / Deux Nouvelles

Two stories by Henri Marie Beyle Stendhal (author of "Le Rouge et le Noir").
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7. Selected Short Stories / Contes choisies

Short stories by Honoré de Balzac in French and English.

8. The Immoralist / L'Immoraliste

André Gide's novel in French and English.
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10. Nineteenth-Century French Short Stories

Read a variety of nineteenth-century short stories in French and English.
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