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Sabita et les mots magiques mêlés

Author: Tara Natter

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Sabita et les mots magiques mêlés is an illustrated French audiobook for children.

The Story

Sabita is a great magician who runs into trouble one day when a dragon and a bunch of bêtes show up unexpectedly, and his spellbook gets wet, transforming letters he knows into letter combinations he doesn't. With the help of the bêtes Sabita is able to read the new words and save the town from the dragon.

The Book

Sabita et les mots magiques mêlés is a large-format hardcover book for children. Most of the full-color illustrations are very cute, though I found the one-eyed bêtes just a little bit creepy. I love the mots mêlés - what a creative way to introduce the pronunciation of different letters and letter combinations to children - and playful adults.

The Audio

The book comes with an audio CD of the story, complete with sound effects, music, and a delightful song at the end. My only (very minor) complaint is that there are a few too long pauses during scenes where I'd expect the action and thus the audio to be a little quicker to keep its momentum.

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