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23 July


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1775 - Étienne-Louis Malus (French physicist and mathematician)

1838 - Édouard Judas Colonne (French conductor and violinist)


1531 - Louis de Brézé, seigneur d'Anet (Marshal of Normandy and husband of Diane de Poitiers)

1692 - Gilles Ménage (French scholar)

1951 - Henri Philippe Pétain (French marshal and leader of Vichy France)

1980 - Sarto Fournier (Mayor of Montréal)

1983 - Georges Auric (French composer)

1999 - King Hassan II of Morocco

2004 - Serge Reggiani (French singer and actor)


1632 - Dieppe, France: 300 colonists departed for New France

1840 - The Province of Canada was created by the Act of Union

1881 - Liège, Belgium: The Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, the world's oldest international sport federation, was founded

1945 - The process against Maréchal de France, French general and Head of State of Vichy France, began

1951 - Treaty of Paris: European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was founded

1956 - The Loi Cadre was passed by the French Republic to order French overseas territory affairs

1983 - Gimli, Manitoba: Air Canada flight 143 landed "dead-stick" about halfway through its flight from Montréal to Edmonton

1999 - Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Al-Hassan, was crowned King Mohammed VI of Morroco upon the death of his father

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