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Douce nuit - French Christmas Carol

Lyrics for "Douce nuit" - French equivalent of "Silent Night"


Douce nuit is the French version of "Silent Night." They are sung to the same tune, but the words are quite different. The translation given is the literal translation of the lyrics for French Christmas carol Douce nuit.

Douce nuit, sainte nuit !
Dans les cieux ! L'astre luit.
Le mystère annoncé s'accomplit.
Cet enfant sur la paille endormit,
C'est l'amour infini,
C'est l'amour infini !

          Sweet night, holy night!
          In the heavens the star shines.
          The foretold mystery comes true.
          This child sleeping on the hay,
          Is infinite love,
          Is infinite love!
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