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French Blogs

A collection of the best French blogs - blogs in French, about the French language, and about France.

Learn French on Facebook
Facebook page for Laura's French site.

French and France
Laura K. Lawless, Francophile and French fanatic, pulls together articles about everything related to France and French, including language lessons, cultural info, recipes, travel tips, current events - and beautiful photos, bien sûr.

One Thing in a French Day
A small slice of a Frenchwoman's day in France and in French, with audio.

The Paris Blog
"Since 2005 The Paris Blog has published the voices of Anglophone expats in Paris. With posts daily, the blog grew to become the #1 daily digest on Paris in English. The blog is edited by Laurie Pike, whose love of France began at a young age, thanks to Pepe le Pew cartoons."

The Provence Post
English-language posts on various topics related to France in general and Provence in particular.

Retourne au CM1
Collection de fautes d'orthographe, de grammaire, ou de sens que l'on voit au jour le jour.

10 years + in the merde
An English man who married a French woman and is now destined for a complicated life in Normandy.

An Alien Parisienne
"[A]n American chick who has found herself a resident of Paris and feeling alien each and every day. I lead a gluten-free, rather solitary existence in the cultural capital of the world: Paris."

The American Library in Paris
Offerings about books, magazines, libraries, the information age, bookstores, authors, expatriate life, the French-American relationship, and other food for thought, grist for the mill, windows on the new, reminders of the tried and true and maybe forgotten.

Le blog d'Hervé Bizeul
A vigneron in Vingrau (le Roussillon) shares his stories of life in the vineyard, including some tasting notes. French only.

Un Coup de Pouce autour du Monde
Travelblog of a Frenchman hitchhiking his way around the world on a budget of $7 per day.

Le cybercarnet du FLE
« Dans ce cybercarnet, nous vous racontons notre activité de didacticien du FLE appliquée à la radio. Un petit tour guidé dans les coulisses du service langue française. »

Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna
Brenna is an American living in France, working as an English teacher in public elementary schools.

La Fourchette s'est emballée
Leslie landed in the lavender and olives of Provence... fork in hand. Share the adventures (and misadventures) in (and out of) her little kitchen in the south of France.

Un Français à Londres
"Expatrié à Londres pour raisons professionnelles en Février 2010, je n'ai depuis cessé d'alimenter ce blog avec mes histoires, des bons plans, des idées de sorties, mes anecdotes, mes coups de coeur et mes coups de gueule sur cette ville que j'aime bien, Londres."

France Explained to the World (and Vice Versa)
This blog only has a few posts from 2004, but they're definitely worth a look. The author is a French ex-pat in England.

France Travel Guide (NYT)
Articles, photos and video about France from The New York Times, with reader advice on where and when to go.

The French Corner
Blog about French culture, travel, and language.

French Housewife
"I'm a 39 year old Birmingham (UK) born wife to a super traditional Frenchman. I now live in rural South-West France, where I've had to learn how to run a french household.... [L]ife here is blissful and idyllic, but also v-e-r-y different!"

French Life - Expat France
A British family of 4 discusses life as expats in France.

French Today
French lessons and articles about culture, from Camille Chevalier-Karfis.

I Heart Lyon
"Ex-New Yorker, devout francophile, living in Lyon and loving it, with my two amazing daughters + Daisy and Clementine."

I Learn French
Follow along as a (late) middle-aged American learns French via software and the internet.

Le journal du Geek
"Un webzine dédié à vous informer quotidiennement et de façon excessive de tout ce qui tourne autour du monde de la hi-tech et des gadgets."

Language Log
Collaborative language blog, from University of Pennsylvania.

Langue sauce piquante
French blog by Le Monde's editors: Le blog des correcteurs du Monde.fr

"A chance encounter between a Kiwi and a Frog in France led to the idea of giving each an insider's view to their country... travel[ing] as a team ... between the two countries, catching 30 countries in between. Throw in our competitive natures, a thirst for culture and history, and a bit of banter between the two teams, and you have LeapFrog."

Paris Photos - Life in Paris
Travel blog with tons of photos.

Lost in Cheeseland
Philadelphia native who moved to Paris blogs about food, travel, love, obstacles, and her other experiences of life in France.

Lost in Francelation
Video blog

Mont Saint Michel
"If heaven is a place on earth, this must be it."

Naked Translations
Blog about English to French translation; available in both French and English.

Notre vie juteuse
Blog of an American family living in rural France.

Ooh La La English Demoiselle
An English lady who moved to the South of France with her man to embark on new improved way of life.

Oui, c'est ça!
Lessons and language-related articles for French learners.

"In the last 25 years I have taken 11,000 or so black and white images of Paris. Each of them has a story to tell."

Paris ... in my pocket
A collection of "photographic watercolours," interesting facts and anecdotal memories of the city.

Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities
"Un match visuel amical entre ces deux villes, c'est le regard d'un amoureux de Paris sur un New York rempli de détails, de clichés et de contradictions : suivez le guide. / A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York's infinite details, clichés and contradictions: this way, please."

Le Petit Champignacien illustré
Blog about the French language - interesting and/or bizarre phrases that crop up. All in French, fairly advanced.

Petite Anglaise
A British woman shares commentaries on living in France as well as more personal stories. (Stopped regular updates in Sept 2009)

Pince ton français !
French blog from Belgium. It's no longer being updated, but the archives are still interesting.

Polly-vous français ?
A chatty English-language blog about life in Paris.

Regard sur les États-Unis
Analysis of news from the US, in French. Avoid the other language "versions" - they're done with an automatic translator. (Last update September 2011)

Snapshots of French news, language and culture, in French and English.

Secrets of Paris
News and travel info about France.

TechCrunch France
Techcrunch analyse les nouvelles sociétés, services et tendances du web de la nouvelle génération baptisé également web 2.0. C'est une référence et bien souvent une source d’information de premier ordre dans la blogosphère, les media online et même les media traditionnels.

Technologies du langage
French blog about innovations in language.

Tongue in Cheek
An American woman shares "stories collected while living in France."

Ze Tao de France
Mediations on the French way of being.

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