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Beginning French Listening Exercises

Resources to help beginning French students develop listening comprehension.
  1. Vocabulary lessons with sound files
  2. Beginning French Dialogues (5)

French Numbers
Learning to count in French is one thing, but it's another matter entirely to be able to think of a number without counting up to it, or to understand individual numbers when you hear them. Get better at understanding and using French numbers with random number generators.

French listening tips
It can be difficult to figure out the best way to use listening exercises. Should you listen first, and then read the transcript, or is it ok to listen and read at the same time? This article offers ideas on how to make the most of the listening exercises on this site as well as your own audio tools.

À Moi Paris
Improve your French listening comprehension with the online French audio book A Moi Paris.

Les portes tordues
Les portes tordues is a bilingual audiobook for beginning to intermediate French students. As the book proceeds, the French becomes progressively more difficult. These excerpts are from the beginning, easy part of the book.

French Listening - Basic French
Listen and learn French online with free listening comprehension exercises.

Tapes, CDs, and Software
Reviews of some non-internet resources to help you improve your French listening skills, including tapes, CDs, and software.

L'Affaire du coffret
This audio detective program starts out in mostly English, gradually introducing French words and phrases in keeping with the story line.

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