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Alsace - French Region

The northeastern French region of Alsace changed between French and German hands a few times, and remains a cultural mix of the two countries.
  1. Strasbourg (10)

Villages alsaciens
Alsace might just be my favorite region in France - its many "Most Beautiful Villages" are a riot of color and cuteness.

Colmar, France
With its colorful half-timbered houses, winding roads, and flowers everywhere, the old part of Colmar is ridiculously cute.

Unterlinden Museum, Colmar
The Unterlinden Museum is housed in a 13th-century convent with a very beautiful cloister and displays the Isenheim Altarpiece in the chapel.

Alsatian Specialties
A few of the wonderful dishes of Alsace.

Alsatian gratin and wine
A bit about the Alsatian speciality gratin as well as typical wines from the region.

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