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Advanced French Writing Resources

Resources and writing exercises for advanced French students.

How to Type French Accents
You don't need software or a special keyboard to type French accents - everything you need to know is right here.

French Acronyms + Abbreviations ~ Acronymes et sigles
VTT, TGV, DEUG... Lost in alphabet soup? Acronyms abound in the French language, especially in newspapers, on the news, and in political discussions. Get a good head start by memorizing this list of the most common ones.

Business Letters
Writing a good formal letter in French is less about skill than it is knowing the jargon and the formulas. I've compiled a list of the most commonly needed formulas for commercial correspondence as well as job seekers. There's also a sample letter to help you get started.

Carrefour francophone
Nous vous invitons au Carrefour francophone, où vous pouvez partager vos expériences et histoires dans la compagnie d'autres Francophones.

Literary Tenses
Found almost uniquely in written French, literary tenses need to be recognized but you rarely need to use them yourself. This lesson explores where they are used, why to avoid them, and what is lost when you do.

Pen Pals
Search for pen pals around the world - great writing practice!

Les Règles d'écriture
Just for fun - the rules of French grammar explained by breaking each of them in the descriptions (en français).

Texting - Les Textos français
Learning French is one thing, but French on the internet - in chatrooms and forums - or via text messaging or email can seem like a completely different language. Fortunately, help is at hand. Here are some common French abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols to help you communicate via text.

Writing a French Résumé ~ Le CV français
When writing a French résumé, there is an obvious language difference as well as the issue of certain information that may not be required on résumés in your country. Here are the basic requirements, formats, and several examples of French résumés.

120 dictées de français
Work on your French listening and writing skills at the same time. Dictation is a technique used in many language classes, and now 120 dictées de français offers hours of practice for independent learners.

Au Secours !
Explanations of document and sentence structure, grammatical notes, and more. French only.

Devenez poète et critique littéraire
Write a poem using the guidelines provided.

Écrire conseils pratiques
"Idées pour écrire des livres, des articles, éviter certains pièges quand on écrit, garder un bon train d'écriture, et écrire avec plus de plaisir."

L'Écrivain public virtuel
Form letters for all occasions that you can download and customize. Site can be pretty slow to load.

Le Résumé
Tips and exercises to help you perfect your French summary-writing skills. Note that the French word résumé does not refer to a summary of your qualifications, but rather a specific type of French essay. French only.

Les Travaux d'écriture
How to organize and write a thesis.

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