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Adult Education - Learning French as an Adult

It's never too late to learn French! Take a look at these adult education links and resources.

Learn French - Tips for Adults Learning French
Learning French as an adult is not the same thing as learning it as a child. Adults tend to learn by comparing it to their native language and often want to know why something is said a certain way in the language. However, adults have an advantage in that they choose to learn a language for some reason and being interested in learning something...

Learning French as an Adult
Alan Palmer, a chat host on this site, began learning French at 35. Here's his story.

French in Action
Annenberg/CPB offers the well-known French in Action program to help you learn about French language and culture.

Adult Student Center
A motivational gathering place for adult students. There's a "getting started" guide, a discussion board, and links to tons of useful information.

Language Studio Hermer
An adult education center in Nice, France than provides "French language training for adults with high demands on standards and efficiency."

Adult / Continuing Education
My colleague Kimeiko Hotta Dover's site is the perfect place to find out more about adult education in general, including where to start, what your options are, and more. There's also information about careers in adult ed.

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