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Serrer - French Verb Conjugations - French Language - About.com
Learn how to conjugate serrer, a regular -er French verb.
Se serrer la main ~ Understanding and Using French Gestures
Se serrer la main - shaking hands - French gestures.
À - French Preposition - Verbs with À - French Language - About.com
serrer la main à quelqu'un - to shake hands with someone servir à - to be used for/as songer à - to dream / think of succéder à - to succeed, follow survivre à - to  ...
Fesse - Mot du Jour - Learn a French word a day - French Language
un coup de pied aux fesses (inf) - kick up the backside / in the pants; avoir qqun aux fesses (inf) - to have someone on your tail; serrer les fesses - to hold on; (inf)  ...
Learn French: 10 Common French Gestures Video
Se serrer la main. Je te présente mon amie Aurélie. May I present my friend Aurélie. Enchanté Enchanted. Counting In French when counting, we start with the ...
Conjugating French Verbs: S - French Language - About.com
Conjugations for French verbs starting with S. French Language Categories. How To Learn and Study French · Learn French In Context - Histoires En Français ...
French Verb Encyclopedia with Model Verbs - French Language
séjourner - to sojourn. sélectionner - to select. sembler - to seem. semer - to sow, spread. sentir - to feel, smell. séparer - to separate. serrer - to grasp, squeeze.
Contre - French Preposition - Verbs with Contre - French Language
serrer quelqu'un contre sa poitrine/son cœur - to hug someone troquer quelque chose contre quelque chose - to swap something for something else voter contre  ...
Avoir une dent contre quelqu'un - French Expression
to grit one's teeth - serrer les dents to bare one's teeth - montrer les dents to fight tooth and nail - défendre bec et ongles. Example: Laurence a une dent contre ...
French Verbs with Prepositions - French Language - About.com
serrer la main à (qqun) - to shake hands with (s-o) serrer qqun contre sa poitrine/ son coeur - to hug someone servir - to serve servir à - to be used as/for servir de ...
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