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De rien - French Expression - French Language - About.com
Don't thank me until you've read this lesson on the French expression de rien.
Je n'y peux rien - French Expression - French Language - About.com
If you don't know the French expression Je n'y peux rien, you can do something about it: read this lesson.
Ça ne fait rien - French Expression - French Language - About.com
Learn about the meanings and uses of the idiomatic French expression ça ne fait rien.
Rien - French Expressions - French Language - About.com
The French pronoun rien usually means nothing, and is also used in many expressions. Learn how to say for no reason, not a chance, worthless, and more with ...
Rien à voir - French Expression - French Language - About.com
The French expression rien à voir often has nothing to do with seeing.
Rien - Gestes français - French Gestures
Learn to understand French 'sign language' - the gestures.
Je n'y suis pour rien - French Expression
I wrote this lesson, but otherwise, the idiomatic French expression "je n'y suis pour rien" has nothing to do with me.
French Double Negatives - La double négation
When ne... pas is used in a double negative with rien , it negates ... plus can be used with one another and with the negative words aucun , personne , and rien .
Je sais pas - French Mistake? - French Language - About.com
Explanation: In French, negation normally requires two words: ne before the verb and something like pas or rien after it. So "I don't know" is je ne sais pas and "I ...
French Negative Pronouns - Pronoms négatifs
... sometimes called indefinite negative pronouns, are made up of two parts which surround the verb. Negative pronouns (ne personne, ne rien, ne aucun.
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