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De rien - French Expression - French Language - About.com
Don't thank me until you've read this lesson on the French expression de rien.
Rien à voir - French Expression - French Language - About.com
The French expression rien à voir often has nothing to do with seeing.
Je n'y suis pour rien - French Expression
I wrote this lesson, but otherwise, the idiomatic French expression "je n'y suis pour rien" has nothing to do with me.
Je n'y peux rien - French Expression - French Language - About.com
If you don't know the French expression Je n'y peux rien, you can do something about it: read this lesson.
Ça ne fait rien - French Expression - French Language - About.com
Learn about the meanings and uses of the idiomatic French expression ça ne fait rien.
Rien - French Expressions - French Language - About.com
The French pronoun rien usually means nothing, and is also used in many expressions. Learn how to say for no reason, not a chance, worthless, and more with ...
French Negative Pronouns - Pronoms négatifs - French Language
... of two parts which surround the verb. Negative pronouns (ne personne, ne rien , ne aucun...) negate, refuse, or cast doubt on a quality of the noun they modify.
Rien - Gestes français - French Gestures
Learn to understand French 'sign language' - the gestures.
Politeness - La Politesse - French Phrases - French Language
mille fois merci (literally, "a thousand times thanks") More ways to express gratitude you're welcome de rien it was my pleasure je vous en prie (plural or formal)
French Double Negatives - La double négation - French Language
When ne... pas is used in a double negative with rien , it negates ... plus can be used with one another and with the negative words aucun , personne , and rien .
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