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Habiter - French Verb Conjugations - French Language - About.com
Learn how to conjugate habiter, a regular -er French verb.
Habiter vs Vivre - French Verbs - To Live - Habiter - Vivre
The French verbs habiter and vivre both mean "to live," but are used in different circumstances. Learn the difference between these two verbs.
Habiter vs Vivre - French Verbs To Live
Test yourself on the two French verbs to live - habiter and vivre.
French Verbs with Prepositions
grignoter qqch - to nibble on, eat away at something gronder de - to scold for ___ -ing habiter (à) - optional preposition - to live in habiter par (ici) - to live around ...
Je habite - French Mistake - French Language - About.com
What's wrong with saying "je habite"? Learn about this French mistake.
Depuis, Pendant, Pour - French Prepositions - French Language
How long did you study French? J'ai étudié le français pendant 3 ans. I studied French for 3 years (and then stopped). Je vais habiter en France pendant 2 mois.
H muet - French Mute H - French Language - About.com
habiter to live in habitude (f) habit hacker (m) hacker. Hadès (m) Hades hadj (m) hajj hadron (m) hadron hagard distraught. Haïti (m) Haiti haleine (f) breath
Arrondissement - Mot du Jour - Learn a French Word a Day
J'habite dans le 18è arrondissement / J'habite dans le 18è - I live in the 18th ( district) Related: arrondir - to round (off), to make smoother (click the little graphic  ...
Depuis vs Il y a - Since, For, Ago - French Language - About.com
Il y a cinq ans que j'habite ici. I've been living here for five years. Ça fait deux heures que nous attendons. We've been waiting for two hours. Voilà six mois que  ...
French Verbs with No Preposition - French Language - About.com
... to almost do something. faire, to cause to. falloir (il faut), to be necessary to. se figurer, to imagine, picture. habiter (optional prep), to live. s'imaginer, to imagine.
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