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Habiter - French Verb Conjugations
Learn how to conjugate habiter, a regular -er French verb.
Habiter vs Vivre - French Verbs - To Live - Habiter - Vivre - About.com
The French verbs habiter and vivre both mean "to live," but are used in different circumstances. Learn the difference between these two verbs.
Habiter vs Vivre - French Verbs To Live - About.com
Test yourself on the two French verbs to live - habiter and vivre.
French Verbs with Prepositions - About.com
grignoter qqch - to nibble on, eat away at something gronder de - to scold for ___ -ing habiter (à) - optional preposition - to live in habiter par (ici) - to live around ...
Je habite - French Mistake - About.com
What's wrong with saying "je habite"? Learn about this French mistake.
Am I Fluent? - Language proficiency - What is fluency? - French
For example, non-fluent speakers would hear or read the sentence "J'habite à Paris" and would think to themselves (slowly if they are beginners, more quickly if  ...
Depuis, Pendant, Pour - French Prepositions - About.com
Je vais habiter en France pendant 2 mois. I'm going to live in France for 2 months . Pendant followed by a noun means "during." In this sense, it is synonymous ...
Depuis vs Il y a - Since, For, Ago - French - About.com
Il y a cinq ans que j'habite ici. I've been living here for five years. Ça fait deux heures que nous attendons. We've been waiting for two hours. Voilà six mois que  ...
H muet - French Mute H - About.com
habiter to live in habitude (f) habit hacker (m) hacker. Hadès (m) Hades hadj (m) hajj hadron (m) hadron hagard distraught. Haïti (m) Haiti haleine (f) breath
Faux Amis - French English False Cognates - About.com
Occupied (E) is the past participle of occupy - occuper, habiter, remplir. Office (F) vs Office (E) Office (F) is a semi-false cognate. In addition to the meanings ...
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