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French Verb Conjugator - French Language - About.com
The French verb conjugator provides two ways for you to find the conjugations for more than 1,200 French verbs: either type a verb in the box or use the ...
French Verb Conjugations - Lessons on Conjugating French Verbs
Get your French verb conjugations in order with dozens of lessons on French verb conjugation, plus a conjugator with 1200 French verbs.
French Verb Conjugation
Conjugation refers to the five possible inflections of a verb: Person, Number, Mood, Tense, and Voice. Once you've made a choice from each of these five, you  ...
Tips to Improve your French Verb Conjugations - French Language
Conjugating French verbs in a workbook or letter is one thing, but remembering individual verb conjugations when you're speaking is another matter entirely.
French Regular -ER Verbs
Thousands of regular French -er verbs are conjugated according to the same pattern, so once you've learned the rules of conjugation for regular -er verbs, you' ll ...
Ętre - French Verb Conjugations - French Language - About.com
Learn how to conjugate ętre, an irregular -re French verb.
French Regular -RE Verbs
There are five main kinds of verbs in French: regular -ER, -IR, -RE; stem- changing; and irregular. Once you've learned the rules of conjugation for each of the ...
Aller - French Verb Conjugations - French Language - About.com
Learn how to conjugate aller, an irregular -er French verb.
Faire - French Verb Conjugations - French Language - About.com
Learn how to conjugate faire, an irregular -re French verb.
Introduction to French Verbs - Beginning French Verb Lesson
Learn the basics of French verbs with this introductory lesson. ... In contrast, French verbs have up to six conjugations - a different one for each grammatical ...
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