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French Pronouns - French Language - About.com
There are many different kinds of pronouns, but they can be divided into two main categories: personal and impersonal. This summary will give you an idea of ...
French Pronouns - Lessons on French Pronouns - French Language
There are many different kinds of French pronouns; master them with these detailed lessons.
French Object Pronouns - Pronoms objets
Object pronouns are those tricky little words in sentences that replace nouns affected by verbs. There are two types: direct objects and indirect objects, and they ...
French Subject Pronouns - Pronoms sujets
The subject of a verb is the person or thing which performs that action. Subject pronouns replace this person or thing. When learning French, you must ...
Y - French Adverbial Pronoun - Pronom adverbial - French Language
The French adverbial pronoun y refers to a previously mentioned or implied place or thing, and is always required in French, unlike its English equivalent " there" ...
French Stressed Pronouns - Pronoms disjoints - French Language
Stressed pronouns, also known as disjunctive pronouns, are used to emphasize a noun or pronoun that refers to a person. There are 9 forms in French.
French Direct Objects and Direct Object Pronouns - French Language
Direct object pronouns are the words that replace the direct object, so that we don't say things like "Marie was at the bank today. When I saw Marie I smiled.
French Subject Pronouns - Pronoms sujets - French Language
How much do you know about French subject pronouns? Test yourself with this little quiz - choose the best translation or answer the question. Choose how long  ...
French Relative Pronouns - Qui Que Dont Oł Lequel
Before you can use French relative pronouns correctly, you first need to understand the grammar behind them. Like its English counterpart, a French relative ...
Lequel - French Pronoun - French Language - About.com
Lequel, which usually means "which," is arguably the most difficult French pronoun, for several reasons.
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