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Common French Mistakes and Difficulties - French Language
There are numerous French characteristics that cause confusion for many if not most students of French. This page includes links to areas of common mistakes ...
Top 10 Beginning French Mistakes - French Language - About.com
With this in mind, this article discusses ten of the most common French mistakes made by beginners, so that you can fix these problems right from the beginning.
Top 10 Advanced French Mistakes - French Language - About.com
... mistakes and if you want to be fluent you need to avoid them. Here are the ten most common French mistakes made by advanced speakers, with links to lessons.
Worst French Mistakes - Share Your Story - French Language
We've all made plenty of French mistakes over the course of our language learning, but some are far worse than others. You know what I'm talking about: the ...
Typical French Mistakes - French Language - About.com
It might be trite, but it's definitely true: we all make mistakes. When you start learning French, you're bound to make lots of errors, and it's only with practice and ...
Top Intermediate French Mistakes - French Language - About.com
... plenty of time to fix these mistakes before they fossilize in your mind. Here are ten of the most common intermediate-level French mistakes with links to lessons.
French Mistake of the Week - French Language - About.com
Test on common French mistakes featured as the mistake of the week.
French Mistake of the Week - French Language - About.com
Mistakes will always be made in French, and now you can learn from them. Click these links to read my analyses of some common French mistake.
Je vais - French Mistake - French Language - About.com
What's wrong with saying "je vais"? Learn about this French mistake.
Top 10 French Pronunciation Mistakes and Difficulties
Based on my own experience as well as that of other French learners, here is a list of the top French pronunciation difficulties and mistakes, with links to detailed  ...
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