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French Gestures ~ Understanding and Using ... - French Language
If you've ever been to France or watched French movies, you've undoubtedly seen French people performing some familiar gestures as well as a few unfamiliar ...
Most Common French Gestures - French Language - About.com
My lessons on French gestures are among the most popular pages on my site, partly because gestures are so frequently used when speaking French, and partly ...
French Gestures ~ Understanding and Using ... - French Language
There are countless facets to language learning, and one of the most interesting and least studied is the use and meaning of gestures. This non-verbal ...
Un, deux, trois - Gestes français - French Gestures - French Language
Learn to count on your hands in French.: script src http french gestures tphone french numbers two fingers.
Learn French: 10 Common French Gestures Video
Gestures are important to understanding and appreciating a culture. Learn 10 common French gestures use them to add color and a native flair to your ...
Pardon - Gestes français - French Gestures - French Language
The free, twice-weekly About French newsletter keeps you informed about changes to this site, including new lessons, articles, and forum discussions. Subscribe ...
Mon œil - Gestes français - French Gestures - French Language
To express your disbelief at what someone is telling you, use your index finger to pull down the skin under your eye and say, "Mon œil !" This is equivalent to the ...
Du fric - Gestes français - French Gestures - French Language
Gesture 9: « Du fric ». Gestes français - French Gestures. To indicate that you need money or that something is expensive, hold out your hand with your fingers  ...
French Gestures ~ Understanding and Using ... - French Language
Learn to understand French 'sign language' - the gestures.
Verre dans le nez - Gestes français - French Gestures
To indicate that someone is drunk, the French say "Il a un verre dans le nez" or "Il a un coup dans le nez." Make a loose fist, hold it up in front of your nose, and ...
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