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French Regular -ER Verbs
Regular -er verbs, that is, verbs that end in -er, are the largest category of French verbs. Thousands of regular French -er verbs are conjugated according to the ...
French Regular -RE Verbs
There are five main kinds of verbs in French: regular -ER, -IR, -RE; stem- changing; and irregular. Once you've learned the rules of conjugation for each of the ...
French Regular -ER Verbs - French Language - About.com
Test yourself on regular French -er verbs.: script src http french verbs present tense enser french verb.
French Irregular -RE Verbs
Irregular verbs are so named because they do not follow any of the regular conjugation patterns. But that doesn't mean that every irregular French verb is unique ...
Irregular -ER French Verbs - French Language - About.com
There is only one irregular French verb that ends in -er, but there are several groups of -er verbs that have some irregularities.
French Regular -RE Verbs - French Language - About.com
Learn to conjugate regular -RE verbs : script src http french verbs present tense french verb 3rd person.
French Irregular -IR Verbs
Irregular verbs are the bane of every French student's existence, but there is some good news. There are some patterns in the irregularities - once you learn the ...
French Spelling Change Verbs - Verbes qui changent d'orthographe
There are two groups of otherwise regular -ER verbs that have spelling changes in certain conjugations due to hard and soft vowels. That is, they are conjugated ...
-E_ER -_ER - French Stem-Changing Verbs - French Language
French stem-changing verbs are conjugated with the same endings as regular - ER verbs but have two different radicals or stems. Verbs that end in -e_er and ...
French -IER Verbs
French verbs that end in -ier are conjugated according to the same rules as regular -er verbs, but there is a letter combination in certain conjugations that makes ...
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