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French and Francophone History
Learn about the history of the rich French civilization - colonization, la Grande Révolution, and more.
Today in Francophone History - French Language - About.com
Learn about famous francophone birthdays, holidays and celebrations, and other milestones.
Today in Francophone History - French Language - About.com
Learn about important dates in French and francophone history: famous birthdays, holidays and celebrations, and other milestones.
French Military Victory History in a Nutshell
French Military History in a Nutshell. Gallic Wars: Lost. In a war whose ending foreshadows the next 2000 years of French history, France is conquered by of all  ...
Important People in Francophone History - French Culture Quiz
How much do you know about important figures in francophone history? Test yourself ... Which French general aided the US during the American Revolution?
French and Francophone Culture and Travel Information
You can't really speak French unless you know about the culture too - they go ... music, sports, and the history of France and many other francophone countries.
Citation du jour - Great French and Francophone Thinkers
French quotations - daily words of wisdom from great French and ... French Los Angeles - A Guide to Francophone L.A. · Today in Francophone History · Today ...
Listing of Key Events in French History with Summaries
There is no single starting date for "French" history. Some textbooks start with prehistory, others with the Roman conquest, others still with Clovis, Charlemagne  ...
French Culture Tests - Tests on French and Francophone Culture
Test your knowledge of French and francophone cultures with these diverse quizzes. ... Test yourself on important dates in francophone history.
Learn French at About - Free French Lessons
Learn French at About.com with thousands of pages of free lessons, quizzes, sound ... History. Sciences. School & Student Resources. More. About.com · About ...
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