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En - French Preposition - French Language - About.com
The French preposition en is nearly always used directly in front of a noun, with no article.
En - French Adverbial Pronoun - Pronom adverbial - French Language
The French adverbial pronoun en may be small, but it is extremely important in French. En replaces the partitive article + noun or de + indefinite article + noun.
En vs Dans - French Prepositions - French Language - About.com
The prepositions en and dans both mean in in French, and can both express time and location. But they are not interchangeable; their usage depends on both ...
En - French Expressions - French Language - About.com
The French word en is both a preposition, meaning "on" or "in," and an adverbial pronoun. Both words are found in a variety of French expressions - learn how to ...
Y and En - French Adverbial Pronouns
Lesson and quiz on the French adverbial pronouns y and en.
En vs Dans - French Prepositions - French Language - About.com
Test on the difference between the French prepositions en and dans.
French Prepositions with Countries and Continents - French Language
Learn which French prepositions to use with countries and continents. ... Except for masculine countries that begin with a vowel, which take en to mean to/in and ...
On - French Indefinite Subject Pronoun
On is the French indefinite indefinite subject pronoun, used mainly in informal French. It literally means "one," as in "One would think...."
De vs Du, De la, Des - French Prepositions and Articles
The preposition de tends to be very difficult for French students. This lesson explains when to use de by itself vs when to use du, de la, or des.
EN - French Pronunciation of EN - French Language - About.com
Learn how to pronounce the letters EN in French with this detailed lesson and sound files.
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