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Learn French at About - Free French Lessons
Learn French at About.com with thousands of pages of free lessons, quizzes, sound files, study tips, and everything else you need to learn French.
En - French Preposition - French Language - About.com
The French preposition en is nearly always used directly in front of a noun, with no article.
En - French Adverbial Pronoun - Pronom adverbial - French Language
The French adverbial pronoun en may be small, but it is extremely important in French. En replaces the partitive article + noun or de + indefinite article + noun.
Learn French - French Language - About.com
This section of the Learn French at About site includes hundreds of pages to help you learn French. Whether you're just beginning to learn French or picking it ...
Start Learning French - French Language - About.com
Here is everything you need to start learning French: basic information about French, beginning lessons, sound files, study tips, online tests, practice ideas, ...
French Grammar - French Language - About.com
French grammar lessons, quizzes, tips, verb conjugations, and much more - whether you're just starting to learn French or are trying to master the finer points of ...
Learn French - Everything you need to learn French
Learning French is an ongoing and involved process. You can't learn how to speak French overnight, and you probably can't learn it entirely on your own.
Why Learn French? - French Language - About.com
There are all kinds of reasons to learn a foreign language in general, and French in particular.
French Proficiency Test - French Language - About.com
Test your French with this beginning-level French proficiency test.
French Vocabulary Lessons - French Language - About.com
French vocabulary lists, lessons, and a French word a day. Everything you need to increase your French vocabulary.
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