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Beginning French Lessons and Resources - French Language
New to French? Want to review long-ago learned French lessons? This page has links, lessons, and other resources for beginning French students.
Beginning French Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
Essential French vocabulary lessons, lists, and sound files for beginning students , covering all the basics: greetings, colors, numbers, food, travel phrases, parts ...
Top 10 Beginning French Mistakes - French Language - About.com
With this in mind, this article discusses ten of the most common French mistakes made by beginners, so that you can fix these problems right from the beginning.
Top Ten Tools for Beginning French Students - French Language
A selection of suggested gifts sure to please any beginning French student this holiday season!
Learn French
This section of the Learn French at About site includes hundreds of pages to help you learn French. Whether you're just beginning to learn French or picking it ...
Beginning French Grammar - French Language - About.com
Lessons and links for beginning French students: basic vocabulary and simple sentence construction.
Beginning French Pronunciation - French Language - About.com
Learn the basics of French pronunciation with these lessons and sound files. ... 13 Articles in: Beginning French Pronunciation ...
Beginning French Reading Exercises - French Language - About.com
Links to reading exercises for beginning French students.
Beginning French Pronunciation - French Language - About.com
French, like English, can be very difficult in terms of pronunciation, due to intricacies like silent letters, multiple sounds for a single letter, and endless exceptions ...
Beginning French Reading Resources
Are you or your students ready to try reading in French? Here is a selection of French readers for beginning to intermediate students, including short stories, ...
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