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Encore and Toujours

French Adverbs

Introduction | Encore | Toujours | Encore vs Toujours | Test

The French adverbs encore and toujours can be confusing, because they both have several meanings which partially overlap.

This summary table is just to give you an idea of the similarities and differences between these words. The fourth column contains other French terms that can mean the same thing. The links below the table explain all of this in detail.

Meaning Encore Toujours Synonym
again encore de nouveau
always toujours
another encore
anyhow toujours
even encore
still (encore) toujours néanmoins
yet encore (toujours) déjà


Encore in detail     Toujours in detail

Encore vs Toujours

Test on encore vs toujours

More confusing pairs     French Grammar


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