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French Sports Vocabulary - Vocabulaire de sports

French names of sports: français - anglais

Click on the links for a list of vocabulary specific to that sport.

le base-ball baseball
le basket(ball) basketball
la boxe boxing
le cyclisme biking, cycling
le foot(ball) soccer
le football américain football
le golf golf
le hockey (sur glace)      (ice) hockey
le jogging jogging
la lutte wrestling
la natation swimming
le patinage ice skating
le patin à roulettes, le skating   rollerskating
la pêche fishing
la plongée diving
le ski skiing
le ski de descente, de piste downhill skiing
le ski de randonnée, de fond cross-country skiing
le ski nautique water skiing
le tennis tennis
le tir à l'arc archery
la voile sailing
le volley(ball) volleyball

English to French sports names

More sports vocabulary

Links to other sports


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