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Guide Picks - Top French-Language Comedy Movies
I love movies, especially comedies, but I personally don't think that there are many funny French movies. My sense of humor just doesn't seem to "get" most French film. However, I gave this some serious thought recently and was able to come up with a number of great French comedies. As you'll see below, several of them are by Francis Veber, so I guess he and I are on the same wavelength! :-)

1) Dîner de cons / The Dinner Game
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. A group of friends get together every week with a guest, and secretly vote on whose guest is the biggest « con ». One fine day, one of the friends gets stuck with his guest, and disaster ensues. Very funny movie by Francis Veber. It's currently being remade in the US as Dinner for Shmucks.

2) Le Placard / The Closet
When a man working for a condom company learns that he is about to be fired, he pretends to be gay and thus forces the company, fearing a lawsuit, to keep him on. With Daniel Auteuil and Gerard Depardieu, directed by Francis Veber.

3) Delicatessen
Black, searing, bizarre, and completely original comedy about a delicatessen for cannibals. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro.

4) Ma Vie en rose / My Life in Pink
This beautiful, touching comedy/drama is about a boy who wants to be a girl. He swaps clothing with a girl friend, wears heels and make-up, and gets a lot of grief from parents, teachers, and neighbors. Directed by Belgian film-maker Alain Berliner.

5) Les Visiteurs / The Visitors
Classic fish-out-of-water tale about two men (played by Jean Reno and Christian Clavier) from the 12th century who travel through time and find themselves in modern day France. The highest grossing comedy of all time in France, directed by Jean-Marie Poiré, remade in the US as Just Visiting.

6) La Cage aux folles / Birds of a Feather
When the son of a gay man announces his engagement, the father and his lover dress up as and pretend to be man and wife in order to avoid shocking the fiancée and her parents. Remade in the US as The Birdcage.

7) Le Million / The Million
This black & white musical comedy from 1931 set the standard for the use of sound in movies. It's also a hilarious story about a lost lottery ticket and the many misadventures in trying to get it back. Directed by René Clair.

8) La Cité des enfants perdus / The City of Lost Children
It's tough to describe this movie, so I'll just give you some highlights. There's a castle; a mad scientist; Siamese twins; a floating, talking brain; and a band of clones. Sound bizarre? It is, and if you like that kind of thing, this is a great movie. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro.

9) Mon Oncle / My Uncle
The protagonist of this 1958 film visits his sister and grapples with the high-tech gadgets in her ultra-modern house. Directed by Jacques Tati.

10) La Discrète Charme de la bourgeoisie / The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
Surreal, bizarre black comedy. A group of friends repeatedly meet in order to eat together and are thwarted each time. Directed by Luis Buñuel.

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