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French Reading Comprehension

Work on your French reading comprehension with these assorted exercises. Each one includes a story or article, study guide, and test.


Lucie en France was written by Melissa Marshall and is published here with permission. Each chapter in this intermediate-level story includes the French text, study guide, and quiz. It is available with or without a "histoire bilingue" link, which leads to a page with the French story and English translation side-by-side.

Chapter I - Elle arrive
with translation   without translation

Chapter II - L'appartement
with translation   without translation

Lucie en France III - Versailles
with translation   without translation


High Intermediate/Advanced

Some of these articles are hosted on other sites, so after you read the article, you can find your way to the study guide and test by using the navigation bar at the end of the article. The navigation bars in each exercise are identical except for color.

I. Article about job searching. The study guide focuses on the preposition à.

Voici mon CV. Où est mon travail ?
Exercice de compréhension

Lire   Étudier   Passer

II. Article about smoking legislation. The study guide focuses on adverbs.

Sans fumée
Exercice de compréhension

Lire   Étudier   Passer

III. Announcement of an art exhibition. The study guide focuses on pronouns.

Les couleurs de la Guerre
Exercice de compréhension

Lire   Étudier   Passer

IV. Directions for getting to and around Montréal. The study guide focuses on adjectives.

Comment se déplacer à Montréal
Exercice de compréhension

Lire   Étudier   Passer

You can also use my listening comprehension exercises to work on your reading skills - just skip the audio file and go directly to the transcript/translation.

Tips to improve your French reading skills

More reading exercises and helpful links


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