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French Audio Dictionary

French Terms with Definitions and Sound Files

The French audio dictionary contains more than 2,000 entries, each with a French word or expression, sound file, English translation, and links to additional or related information.


Audio Dictionary

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Key to abbreviations (pop up window)

H the letter H French alphabet
une habitude habit MdJ - H
hâler to get some sun (can mean to tan or to burn) MdJ - H
haletant (adj) panting, breathless; suspenseful MdJ - H
un haricot bean Vegetables
un hasard coincidence, chance, fate, luck MdJ - H
hausser to raise MdJ - H
hautement highly, very Très synonyms
Hélène Helen, Ellen French names
Henri Henry French names
Henriette Henrietta French names
l'heure (f) hour, time Telling time
heureux (adj) - happy Mood

Hexagone (m)

Metropolitan France MdJ - H
l'hindi Hindi Lang + Nat
hisser to hoist, heave, haul up MdJ - H
hiver winter Calendar
le hockey hockey Hobbies
holà (interj) - hello! hang on! MdJ - H
un homme a man Liaisons
les hommes arrivent the men arrive Optional liaisons
Honoré (honored) French names
un hôpital hospital Directions
hoqueter to hiccup, hiccough MdJ - H
un horaire timetable, schedule, hourly employee MdJ - H
une horreur horror, awfulness; loathing MdJ - H
horripilant (adj) - exasperating, trying MdJ - H
hors de service    
les hors d'oeuvre (m) appetizers Food
hors service out of order Travel
Hortense French names
un hôtel hotel Accommodations
hotess de l'air    
houleux (adj) - stormy, turbulent, tumultuous MdJ - H
Hugues Hugo French names
huit 8 Numbers
humide (adj) - humid Weather
hyper (inf) really, mega Très synonyms

French Audio Dictionary

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Key to abbreviations (pop up window)


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