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French Audio Dictionary - F

French Terms with Definitions and Sound Files

The French audio dictionary contains more than 2,000 entries, each with a French word or expression, sound file, English translation, and links to additional or related information.


Audio Dictionary

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Key to abbreviations (pop up window)

F the letter F French alphabet
fabriquer to make, produce; fabricate, make up; (inf) to do, to be up to MdJ - F
fabuler to fantasize MdJ - F
la fac (inf, short for faculté) - university MdJ - F
fâché (adj) - angry Mood
faible (adj) - weak Personality
la faim hunger Food
fainéant (adj) lazy, idle MdJ - F
faire le plein to fill it up Driving
faire sisite to sit Baby talk
se faire les ongles to do one's nails Toiletries
faire une reservation    
au fait by the way MdJ - F
en fait in fact, as a matter of fact MdJ - F
un faix burden MdJ - F
une falaise cliff MdJ - F
falot (adj) - colorless, wan, pale MdJ - F
un falot lantern MdJ - F
fameux adj before noun) - first-rate; real; famous, much talked-about MdJ - F
une famille family Family
fané (adj) - faded, wilted MdJ - F
le fard make-up, greasepaint MdJ - F
le fard à joues blusher Toiletries
le fard à paupières eyeshadow Toiletries

(inf adj) - cranky, scatty, hare-brained, eccentric

MdJ - F
un farfelu eccentric person MdJ - F
fastueux luxurious, sumptuous MdJ - F
fatigué (adj) - tired Mood
faufiler to baste, tack MdJ - F
se faufiler to inch, thread, worm (into) MdJ - F
fauteur one who does something (usually bad) MdJ - F
fêlé (adj) cracked, (informal) crazy MdJ - F
une femme wife, woman Family
une femme de chambre maid Professions
une fenêtre window Furniture
fermé (adj) - closed Travel
la fermeté firmness, solidness, confidence MdJ - F
féru (adj) - interested in / keen on MdJ - F
la fesse buttock MdJ - F
le feu fire, stoplight, stove burner MdJ - F
une feuille de papier piece of paper Office
feuilleter to leaf through, skim; to roll out (pastry, dough) MdJ - F
le feu rouge stop light Driving
les feux de route high beams Driving
le feux de stop brake lights Driving
février February Calendar
fiable (adj) accurate, reliable, dependable MdJ - F
fiançailles (f) engagement MdJ - F
un(e) fiancé(e) fiance Love language
une ficelle string, type of bread MdJ - F
ficher (slang) - to do, give, put, leave MdJ - F
fichu (informal adj) - lousy, rotten, foul; done for, bust; put together, dressed; damned MdJ - F
figurer to represent, to appear MdJ - F
se figurer to imagine MdJ - F
le fil dentaire dental floss Toiletries
une fille daughter, girl Family
un film a movie Hobbies
un fils son Family
un fixe-cravate tie-clip Jewelry
flairer to smell, sense MdJ - F
le flamand Flemish Lang + Nat
un fléau curse, plague, bane; flail MdJ - F
la flemme (inf) - laziness MdJ - F
une fleur flower Love language
un flic (inf) - cop, copper, bobby MdJ - F
un flingue gun, rifle MdJ - F
un flocon flake, fleck MdJ - F
flopée (informal) - a bunch, tons, loads, masses MdJ - F
Florence Florence French names
flotter to float, drift, hang (in the air), flutter, hover MdJ - F
fofolle (inf adj) - scatty, crazy MdJ - F
le foin hay MdJ - F
follement (inf) incredibly Très synonyms
foncé (invariable adj) - dark (color) MdJ - F

to charge at or into; to make darker; (inf) - to rush, tear, charge along

MdJ - F
foncièrement (adv) - fundamentally, basically MdJ - F
un(e) fonctionnaire civil servant Professions
le foot, football soccer Hobbies
le football américain football Hobbies
un forain fairground entertainer, carnie MdJ - F
forcément (adv) - necessarily, inevitably MdJ - F
une forme form, shape MdJ - F
Formidable ! Great! Accent affectif
fort (adj) - strong Personality
un fossé (lit, fig) - ditch, gulf, gap MdJ - F
des fossettes dimples Descriptions
la foudre lightning MdJ - F
un fouet whip, whisk MdJ - F
la fougue ardor, spirit MdJ - F
la fouille search, excavation, dig MdJ - F
un fouillis jumble, muddle MdJ - F
un foulard scarf Accessories
un four oven Furniture
un four à micro-ondes microwave oven MdJ - F
une fourchette  fork Dishes
fourrer to stuff, fill; (info) - to put, stick, shove MdJ - F
la fourrière dog pound, impound yard MdJ - F
fourvoyer to mislead, get someone lost, lead astray MdJ - F
frais (adj) - cool, crisp, fresh MdJ - F
une fraise strawberry Fruit
une framboise raspberry Fruit
Français(e), le français French Lang + Nat
franchir to cross, get over, overcome MdJ - F
Francis Francis French names
Franck Frank French names
François Francis French names
Françoise Frances French names
francophone (adj) - French-speaking MdJ - F
un/e Francophone (proper noun) - French speaker MdJ - F
à la bonne franquette simple, without any fuss MdJ - F
frapper to hit, stab, strike, knock MdJ - F
frasques (f) escapades MdJ - F
a fredaine mischief, prank, escapade (esp. sexual) MdJ - F
Frédéric Frederick French names
Frédérique Fredericka French names
fredonner to hum MdJ - F
les freins brakes Driving
frêle (adj) - flimsy, fragile, frail MdJ - F
frémir to quake, tremble, shudder, shiver MdJ - F
un frère brother Family
friand de (adj) - partial to, fond of MdJ - F
le fric (fam) - cash, bread, lolly MdJ - F
le frigo (inf) - fridge (short for réfrigérateur) Apocopes
frileux (adj) - sensitive to cold; (econ) - overcautious, nervous MdJ - F
une friperie

used/second-hand clothing store

MdJ - F
un frisson shiver, shudder, thrill MdJ - F
les frites (f) fries Food
froid (adj) - cold, unfriendly Weather, Personality
froisser to crumple, offend MdJ - F
frôler to brush against, skim, verge on MdJ - F
le fromage cheese Dairy
le fromage blanc cream cheese Dairy
se frotter to rub (one another), to fight; (slang) - to have sex MdJ - F
le fruit fruit Fruit
fugace (adj) - fleeting, transient MdJ - F
fuguer (inf) - to run away, run off MdJ - F
fuir to flee, avoid, fly off, shun, shirk MdJ - F
fulgurant (figurative adj) lightning, dazzling, blinding, searing MdJ - F
futé (adj) - wily, crafty, cunning, sly MdJ - F

French Audio Dictionary

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Key to abbreviations (pop up window)


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