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La Haute Route - French Journal - Part 1
French Listening Comprehension
Introduction and Sound Files

Practice your French listening comprehension with this low-intermediate level audio journal about a hiking trip through the Swiss Alps.




The sound files for this listening exercise are MP3s. If you don't have the correct software, your computer may prompt you to download it in order to listen. You can also save the file to listen offline. If you don't know how to do this or are having trouble accessing the sound file, read help with sound files.

While or after listening to the sound file, use this navigation box to access the French-only transcript (with photos) and the side-by-side French-English translation. If you want to listen and view the text at the same time, you'll need to open the page for the transcript or translation in a new window.

The journal was written by a man but the recording is done by a woman, so the grammatical agreement is masculine, even though the voice is feminine.

La Haute Route - Part 1  (Index)
French Listening Comprehension
Audio   Transcript   Translation
Bilingual journal by John L.
French sound files by Camille Chevalier Karfis
French audiobook & audio lesson author at French Today
Listening Index     Intermediate French


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