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Beginning French Dialogue
French Listening Comprehension
Dialogue 2 - Au magasin ~ At the store
Transcript and Translation

This dialogue is read by a man and a woman taking turns being the customer and storekeeper.


Client(e) Bonjour Monsieur/Madame Hello sir/ma'am.
Marchand(e) Bonjour Monsieur/Madame

Hello sir/ma'am.

  (Shopper looks around the store)
Marchand(e) Excusez-moi, je peux vous aider ? Excuse me, may I help you?
Client(e) Vous avez des cartes postales ? Do you have any postcards?
Marchand(e) Oui, là-bas Yes, over there.
  (Pointing to a card)
Client(e) Ça coûte combien ? How much is it?
Marchand(e) Un euro cinquante. One euro fifty.
  (Pointing to another card)
Client(e) Et ça coûte combien? And how much is this?
Marchand(e) Deux euro vingt. Two euros twenty.
Client(e) Je prends la carte postale. I'll take the postcard.
Marchand(e) Bon. Et vous desirez un timbre?   Good. And would you like a stamp?
Client(e) Oui. S'il vous plaît.

Yes please.

Marchand(e) Pour les États-Unis ? For the United States?
Client(e) Oui. Yes.
Marchand(e) C'est quatre-vingts centimes, Monsieur/Madame. That's 80 cents, sir/ma'am.
Client(e) Bon. Je prends le timbre, aussi. Good. I'll take the stamp too.
Marchand(e) La carte postale et un timbre pour les États-Unis, ça fait trois euros, s'il vous plaît.

The postcard and a stamp for the United States, that comes to three euros, please.

Client(e) Voilà cinq euros, Monsieur/Madame. Here are five euros, sir/ma'am.
Marchand(e) Voilà votre monnaie, une pièce de deux euros. Here is your change, a two-euro coin.
Client(e) Merci. Thank you.
Marchand(e) De rien. Je vous remercie Monsieur/Madame. Bonne journée. You're welcome. Thank you sir/ma'am. Have a good day.


Beginning French Dialogue
French Listening Comprehension Exercise
Listen   Transcript   Translation
Dialogue authors: Allen Kalik and Camille Chevalier
Used with permission of Camille Chevalier Karfis
Audio book & podcast author at French Today
Listening Index     French for Beginners


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