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French Expressions

English French Literal translation
Are you out of your mind? Tu perds la raison ? Are you losing reason?
To ask a question point-blank. Poser une question de but en blanc. To ask a question with goal in white.
Dinner is served. Madame est servie. Madam is served.
Don't beat around the bush! Ne tourne pas autour du pot ! Don't turn around the jar
Do you have a light? Avez-vous du feu ? Do you have any fire?
Do you mind if I smoke? Cela vous dérange si je fume ? Does it bother you if I smoke?
Fill it up, please. Le plein, s'il vous plaît. The full, please.
Heads or tails? Pile ou face ?  
He did it anyway. Il l'a fait en dépit du bon sens. He did it in spite of good sense.
He has a grudge against me. Il a une dent contre moi. He has a tooth against me.
He never took his eyes off me. Il ne m'a pas quitté des yeux.  
He's got it in for me. Il en a contre moi. He's got some against me.
He's not bad looking! Il n'est pas mal ! He isn't bad!
I always keep my word. Je tiens toujours ma parole.  
I could just kick myself. Je m'en mords les doigts. I'm biting my fingers because of it.
I couldn't help myself. Je n'ai pas pu m'en empêcher. I couldn't prevent myself from it.
I couldn't resist. J'ai craqué. I cracked.
I don't care. Ça m'est égal. It's equal to me.
I fell in love with her. Je suis tombé amoureux d'elle.  
I'm at my wit's end. Je suis au bout du rouleau. I'm at the end of the roll.
I'm dying to go to Paris. Je meurs d'envie d'aller à Paris. I'm dying of envy to go to Paris.
I'm going to cut my classes. Je vais sécher mes cours. I'm going to dry my classes.
I'm out of my element here. Je ne suis pas dans mon élément ici. I'm not in my element here.
I'm sick of it! J'en ai marre !  
I'm starving J'ai une faim de loup I have a wolf's hunger.
I practically fell on my face. J'ai failli casser la figure. I failed to break my face.
It'll all work out. Ca s'arrangera. It will arrange itself.
It'll come back to me. Il me reviendra.  
It's always the same old song. C'est toujours le même refrain. It's always the same refrain.
It's as plain as day. Cela saute aux yeux. It jumps to the eyes.
It's bound to happen. C'est mathématique. It's mathematical.
It's in the bag. C'est dans la poche. It's in the pocket.
It's my pet peeve. C'est ma bête noire. It's my black beast.
It's no big deal. Ce n'est pas grand-chose. It's not a big thing.
It's none of your business. Cela ne te regarde pas. That doesn't look at you.
It's not worth it. Ça ne vaut pas la peine. It's not worth the pain.
It's on the tip of my tongue. Je l'ai sur le bout de la langue.  
I've got a bone to pick with him. J'ai un compte à régler avec lui. I have an account to settle with him.
Let him stew in his own juices. Laisse-le mijoter dans son jus.  
Look me in the eye! Regarde-moi dans le blanc des yeux ! Look into the white of my eyes!
My watch is five minutes fast. Ma montre avance de cinq minutes. My watch advances by five minutes.
No buts about it! Je ne veux pas de mais ! I don't want any buts!
No kidding! Sans blague ! Without joke!
No smoking Défense de fumer Defence from smoking
She's making fun of me. Elle se moque de moi.  
That sends shivers up my spine. Ça me donne des frissons. That gives me shivers.
That's obvious. Ça se voit. That sees itself.
That's the last straw! Ça, c'est le comble ! That, that's the top!
That's the limit! Cela dépasse les bornes ! That passes the limits!
That's wild! C'est dingue, ça ! That's crazy, that!
There are a lot of people here Il y a du monde ici There's some of the world here
There's no point to that. Cela ne rime à rien. That doesn't rhyme with anything.
They got back safe and sound. Ils sont rentrés sains et saufs.  
They laughed in my face. Ils m'ont ri au nez. They laughed in my nose.
They're back Ils sont de retour They are from return
To not feel up to it. Ne pas être d'attaque. To not be of attack.
We broke down on the way to Rouen Nous sommes tombés en panne en route à Rouen We fell in breakdown en route to Rouen
We have to turn back. Il faut rebrousser chemin. We have to rebrush the path.
We'll see him in action. On le verra à l'oeuvre.  
Well, what next? Et après ? And after?
We lost all sense of time. On a perdu toute notion d'heure.  
We ran out of gas Nous avons eu une panne d'essence We had a breakdown of gas
We're very comfortable here. Nous sommes très bien ici. We're very well here.
What have you been up to? Qu'est-ce que tu deviens ? What are you becoming?
What's eating you? Quelle mouche t'a piqué ? Which fly stung you?
What's he talking about? Qu'est-ce qu'il raconte ? What is he telling?
What story are you giving me ? Qu'est-ce que tu me chantes ? What are you singing to me?
What's wrong? Qu'est-ce qu'il y a ? What is there?
Who is calling? C'est de la part de qui ? It's on the part of whom?
You're always in my way Tu es toujours dans mon chemin You're always in my path
You're in the boss's good graces. Tu es dans les petits papiers du patron. You're in the boss's little papers.
You're spoiling me! Tu me gâtes !  
You must be joking! Tu parles ! You're talking!
Your story made me lose my appetite. Ton histoire m'a coupé l'appétit. Your story cut my appetite.

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