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About French
This free, twice-weekly newsletter keeps you informed about additions to this site, including lessons, articles, and forum discussions. (Not for beginners!) More ways to stay up to date
Learn French
If you are interested in beginning to learn French or just finding out a little more about this beautiful language, my Learn French course will teach you the basics in seven days.
French for

Sign up for my French for Beginners course weekly newsletter - 20 weeks of lessons on beginning French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, along with study tips and related information.
Daily French
Practicing French every day is key to becoming fluent. This 14-day newsletter course offers dozens of ideas and links for daily French practice.
Travel French
Taking a trip to France or another francophone country? My six-week Travel French newsletter is just the thing - learn survival French, from making reservations and eating at restaurants to getting around and dealing with emergencies.


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