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Colors | Quiz

Learn the French words for colors.

masc sing. 

fem sing.

masc plural 

fem plural

purple violet violette violets violettes
blue bleu bleue bleus bleues
green vert verte verts vertes
yellow jaune jaune jaunes jaunes
orange orange orange orange orange
red rouge rouge rouges rouges
black noir noire noirs noires
white blanc blanche blancs blanches
grey gris grise gris grises
brown marron marron marron marron
pink rose rose roses roses
light blue   bleu clair  bleu clair bleu clair   bleu clair  
dark blue bleu foncé bleu foncé  bleu foncé bleu foncé

The plurals of French colors are pronounced exactly like the singular ones. The sound files include the pronunciation of the masculine singular/plural adjective followed by the feminine singular/plural adjective. If there is only one word pronounced, it is because that color is pronounced exactly the same whether it is masculine or feminine, singular or plural.

Note that using the modifiers light (clair) or dark (foncé) makes the color invariable - it does not change to agree in gender or number: une chemise vert clair - light green shirt


Practice! French Colors


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