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French Personality Vocabulary

Lesson | Quiz

A list of some common personality traits - practice this new vocabulary by describing your friends and family.

Note that I only listed the masculine singular form of these adjectives. For information on making them feminine and/or plural, see adjective lesson.

athletic sportif  
brave courageux cowardly lâche
cunning, shrewd malin      
friendly amical unfriendly froid
funny drôle serious sérieux
hard-working travailleur lazy paresseux
interesting intéressant boring ennuyeux
kind gentil mean méchant
nice sympathique (or sympa)
open-minded sans préjugés snobbish snob
outgoing ouvert shy timide
patient patient impatient impatient
patriotic patriotique
smart intelligent stupid stupide
sophisticated raffiné naive naïf
strong fort weak faible
studious studieux playful taquin


French personality quiz

French adjectives     Expressions: Personality


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