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French Numbers - Listen and Repeat

Learn and practice saying French numbers

Practice your comprehension of French numbers by listening to the numbers 20 to 69 in French. Once you feel like you've mastered them, go on to the listening exercises to test yourself.

How to use this page:

1. The sound files for this listening exercise are MP3s. If you don't have the correct software, your computer may prompt you to download it in order to listen. You can also save the file to listen offline. If you don't know how to do this or are having trouble accessing the sound file, read help with sound files.

2. Click "listen" to begin the sound file. Listen and repeat, or write the numbers (in French or English) to practice.

3. You can play the sound file as many times as you like.



20 vingt   30 trente
21 vingt et un   31 trente et un
22 vingt-deux   32 trente-deux
23 vingt-trois   33 trente-trois
24 vingt-quatre   34 trente-quatre
25 vingt-cinq   35 trente-cinq
26 vingt-six   36 trente-six
27 vingt-sept   37 trente-sept
28 vingt-huit   38 trente-huit
29 vingt-neuf   39 trente-neuf
40 quarante   50 cinquante
41 quarante et un   51 cinquante et un
42 quarante-deux   52 cinquante-deux
43 quarante-trois   53 cinquante-trois
44 quarante-quatre   54 cinquante-quatre
45 quarante-cinq   55 cinquante-cinq
46 quarante-six   56 cinquante-six
47 quarante-sept   57 cinquante-sept
48 quarante-huit   58 cinquante-huit
49 quarante-neuf   59 cinquante-neuf
60 soixante      
61 soixante et un      
62 soixante-deux      
63 soixante-trois      
64 soixante-quatre      
65 soixante-cinq      
66 soixante-six      
67 soixante-sept      
68 soixante-huit      
69 soixante-neuf      


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Sound files created by Camille Chevalier Karfis
Audio book & podcast author at French Today

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