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Languages and Nationalities in French

Les langues et les nationalités

Vocabulary | Test

As much as I would like to list every language and nationality in the world, it's simply not possible. Without meaning any offense to anyone whose country/language is not listed, here are some you should definitely recognize.

Country/Continent Nationality* Language**
Africa Africain(e)
Algeria Algérien(ne) l'arabe, le français
Asia Asiatique
Australia Australien(ne) l'anglais
Belgium Belge le flamand, le français
Brazil Brésilien(ne) le portugais
Canada Canadien(ne) le français, l'anglais
China Chinois(e) le chinois
Egypt Égyptien(ne) l'arabe
England Anglais(e) l'anglais
Europe Européen(ne)
France Français(e) le français
Germany Allemand(e) l'allemand
India Indien(ne) l'hindi (plus many others)
Ireland Irlandais(e) l'anglais, l'irlandais
Italy Italien(ne) l'italien
Japan Japonais(e) le japonais
Mexico Mexicain(e) l'espagnol
Morocco Marocain(e) l'arabe, le français
Netherlands Néerlandais(e) le néerlandais
Poland Polonais(e) le polonais
Portugal Portugais(e) le portugais
Russia Russe le russe
Senegal Sénégalais(e) le français
Spain Espagnol(e) l'espagnol
Switzerland Suisse l'allemand, le français, l'italien
United States Américain(e) l'anglais

French expressions

* For nationalities, the proper noun and adjective are exactly the same, except the proper noun is capitalized, while the adjective is not. The (parentheses) indicate the additional letters to make the proper noun or adjective feminine. Note that the masculine adjective for many countries is spelled and pronounced just like the languages.

** This is just a guide. Obviously some countries have speakers of many languages, but only the main ones are listed. Note that the names of languages are always masculine and are not capitalized.


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