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Physical Descriptions - French Vocabulary

Descriptions physiques

Vocabulary | Quiz

Learn some French vocabulary used to describe someone physically - you can practice it by describing your friends and family.

Note that in the first section, the masculine singular form of the adjectives is listed (except for pretty, which is normally used to describe women), while in the second, the adjectives are plural. For information on changing adjectives to agree with the word they are modifying, see my adjective lesson.

What's he (she) like? Comment est-il ? (est-elle)
He / She is... Il / Elle est...
tall grand
short petit
fat gros
thin mince
handsome beau, joli
pretty belle, jolie
ugly moche, laid
tan bronzé
He / She has... Il / Elle a...
blue eyes les yeux bleus
green verts
hazel noisette
brown bruns
black hair les cheveux noirs
brown châtains, bruns
red roux
blond blonds
long longs
short courts
straight raides
curly bouclés
wavy ondulés
freckles des taches de rousseur
dimples des fossettes


Quiz: Physical Descriptions

Personality vocabulary

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