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Chez le Dentiste - French Dentist Vocabulary

Useful French vocabulary for talking to the dentist

Vocabulary | Quiz

Going to the dentist is another situation where you want to make sure that you can communicate effectively. Take a look at this page for essential French vocabulary and verbs for talking to a dentist.

at the dentist's office chez le dentiste
tooth la dent
baby tooth la dent de lait
back tooth la dent du fond
canine tooth la canine
front tooth la dent de devant
lower tooth la dent du bas
molar la molaire
upper tooth la dent du haut
wisdom tooth la dent de sagesse
gums la gencive
jaw la mâchoire
mouth la bouche
abscess un abcès
local anesthesia une anesthésie locale
broken tooth une dent cassée
cavity une carie
crown la couronne
filling un plombage
une obturation
infected infecté
injection une piqûre
Novocain la Novocaïne
open your mouth ouvrez la bouche



root canal le canal dentaire
teeth cleaning le détartrage



toothache mal aux dents
to bleed saigner
to brush (one's teeth) se brosser (les dents)
to hurt se faire mal
to lose perdre
to pull out, remove arracher
to replace remplacer
to rinse rincer


Dentist vocabulary quiz

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