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Create a French Village - French Class Project

Short-term project for French or other language classes


Whether you're a teacher or an independent-study student, projects are a great way to spice up your language classes. This fairly short-term project - one week to one month - will put vocabulary related to shopping to the test.


Create a French village.

  1. Draw and/or cut out pictures to create a well-spaced village with at least 8 shops/businesses.
  2. Label the shops in French.
  3. Add drawings and/or cut-outs of at least 5 items which can be found in each shop. Label them.
  4. Give the village a French name.
  5. Vote on the best ones and display in the classroom or a French-themed bulletin board.

  • Individual students or pairs
  • Level: beginning to low-intermediate
  • Size: eight to twelve shops with five to ten items each
  • Effort: The instructions above are very basic. For more detail, consider some additional work:

    - Label the streets
    - Give the shops French names (e.g., chez Pierre, Boulangerie DeGueldre)
    - Rather than a list of items, draw sale posters (e.g., Pommes - 2 Euros le kilo) or menus


The basic premise of this project was shared on the Profs de français forum. Join your virtual colleagues for more great ideas.
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