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Language Scrapbook - French Class Project

Idea for a long-term project for French or other language classes


Language classes are as fun or as boring as the teacher and students make them. Grammar drills, vocabulary tests, and pronunciation labs are the basis of many successful language classes, but it's also good to incorporate some creative interaction, and projects can be just the thing.

The following is one idea for an interesting project for your students or for independent-study students looking to spice up their self-instruction. While this project is best suited for a long-term activity to be turned in at the end of the year, it can also be adapted for less time - whatever fits your schedule.


Create a French scrapbook.

  1. Choose or create a notebook, loose-leaf binder, or portfolio. The scrapbook will have different sections, so tabs or other dividers are essential.
  2. Label the sections: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar, News, People, Culture, Fun, etc.
  3. Write/type vocabulary entries, pronunciation tips, grammar guides; select articles, photographs, pictures, cartoons, from newspapers, magazines, internet, etc. Arrange in appropriate sections.
  4. Decorate the covers and section dividers.

  • This is an ideal project for individual students, but assigning it to pairs or groups is also possible.
  • Sections/Themes: language lessons and tips, news, interviews, opinions, gossip, jokes, quiz, horoscope, weather reports, crossword puzzles, cartoons, celebrities who speak the language, imports/exports, agriculture, music, poetry, books, movies, maps, traditions, fashion, sports, technology...
  • Length: six to ten sections
  • Level: any

Notes and Credit

Creating a language scrapbook is a fun and interesting way to arrange all of your materials on everything related to the language and the place(s) where it is spoken. The end product makes a wonderful keepsake, and, if you use something like a loose-leaf binder, can be added to in future classes.

This project idea was shared on the Profs de français forum by LeliaMaria. Merci beaucoup !

For more scrapbooking ideas, take a look at the About Scrapbooking site.
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