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Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM)

Foreign Language Teaching Methodology


The foreign language teaching methodology known as Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) uses gestures, music, dance, and theater to help students learn.

The basic premise of AIM is that students learn and remember better when they do something that goes along with the words they are saying. For example, while the students say regard (to look), they hold their hands in front of their eyes in the shape of binoculars. This "Gesture Approach" includes defined gestures for hundreds of essential French words, known as "Pared Down Language." The gestures are then combined with theater, storytelling, dance, and music to help students remember and use the language.

Teachers have found great success with this integrative approach to language learning; in fact, some students achieve results comparable to those in full immersion programs, even when the AIM-educated students only study the language for a few hours a week.

AIM is particularly well-suited for children, but it could be adapted for older students.

Accelerative Integrated Method was developed by French teacher Wendy Maxwell. In 1999, she won the Canadian Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence, and in 2004 The H.H. Stern award from the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers. Both of these prestigious awards are given to educators who show great innovation in the classroom.

To learn more about AIM, find out about upcoming workshops, or look into onling teacher training and certification, visit the Accelerative Integrated Method website.
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