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Carole Fredericks Tant qu'elle chante, elle vit

Apprendre le français grâce à l'héritage de Carole Fredericks

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Carole Fredericks

Carole Fredericks

by Claude Gassian, 1999
"Tant qu'elle chant, elle vit : apprendre le français grâce à l'héritage de Carole Fredericks" is a unique resource for French speakers of all levels and ages, as well as anyone interested in music. Teachers in particular will find this product useful, as it offers interesting possibilities for French classes.
Carole Fredericks, an American blues and gospel singer, has always been far better known in France, where she emigrated in 1979, than in her country of birth. Her musical family includes bluesman Taj Mahal, her brother. Sadly, Carole Fredericks passed away in 2001, but her musical heritage lives on, thanks to a joint effort of the American Association of Teachers of French and CDF Musical Legacy, LLC. The title, which translates to "as long as she sings, she lives," could not be more appropriate.

Tant qu'elle chante, elle vit consists of six music videos and an accompanying teacher's manual. The thirty-minute video cassette includes videos of Carole's most beautiful songs:

  1. À nos actes manqués
  2. Un, deux, trois
  3. Né en 17 à Leidenstadt
  4. Respire
  5. Qu'est-ce qui t'amène
  6. Le prix à payer
The teaching manual, written by high school French teacher Nancy Gadbois, can be adapted for different class levels and includes an assortment of activities and resources:
  • Song lyrics
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Questions about the videos, both factual and analytical
  • Word search puzzles
  • Fill-in-the-blank activities
All in all, Tant qu'elle chante, elle vit is an excellent resource for the French class which seamlessly combines culture and language in a fun and interesting format. It can be ordered from the American Association of Teachers of French website, with a discount for members.

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