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French Verbs with Prepositions

Does the French verb chercher need a preposition?


Many French verbs require a certain preposition in order for their meaning to be complete. Here is an alphabetical list of French verbs and the prepositions they need (if any).

s'abriter contre (le vent) - to take shelter against (the wind)
accepter de - to accept, agree to
accuser (qqun) de - to accuse (s-o) of
acheter à - to buy from
acheter (qqch) sur le marché - to buy (s-t) at the market
achever de - to finish
adorer - to adore
agir en - to act like / as
s'agir de - to be a question of
aider à - to help to
aimer - to like
aimer mieux - to prefer
aller - to go, to be going to
aller vers (midi) - to go at around (noon)
aller vers (Nice) - to go toward (Nice)
s'amuser à + infinitive - to amuse oneself ___-ing
apercevoir - to perceive, catch sight of
s'apercevoir de - to notice
apprendre à - to learn how to
s'apprêter à - to get ready to
s'approcher de - to approach
approuver - to approve of
appuyer sur (le bouton) - to press (the button)
appuyer sur (le mur) - to lean on (the wall)
s'appuyer contre (un arbre) - to lean against (a tree)
arracher à - to grab, tear away from
(s')arrêter de - to stop ___-ing
arriver à - to manage / succeed in ___-ing
arriver de (Paris, Canada) - to arrive from (Paris, Canada)
arriver par - to succeed through/by
arriver sur (midi) - to arrive at around (noon)
s'asseoir contre (son ami) - to sit next to (one's friend)
assister à (la réunion) - to attend (the meeting)
s'assurer contre (l'incendie) - to insure against (fire)
attendre - to wait for
s'attendre à - to expect to
s'autoriser à - to authorize / allow to
avertir de - to warn about
avoir à - to have to / be obliged to
avoir beau (j'ai beau essayer) - despite doing (despite trying)
avoir besoin de - to need
avoir confiance en - to trust
avoir envie de - to want
avoir peur de - to be afraid of ___-ing

se battre contre - to fight against
blâmer de - to blame
se blottir contre (sa mère, son chien) - to cuddle up next to (one's mother, dog)
boire qqchose dans (une tasse) - to drink something out of (a cup)

casser en (morceaux, trois) - to break in(to) (pieces, three)
cesser de - to stop, cease ___-ing
changer de (train) - to change (trains)
se changer en - to change into
chercher - to look for
chercher à - to attempt to
chercher dans (la boîte) - to look in (the box)
choisir de - to choose to
commander (à qqun) de faire - to order (someone) to do
commencer à - to begin to, to begin ___-ing
commencer par - to begin by ___-ing
compter - to expect, intend
compter pour - to be worth
compter sur - to count on
concentrer sur - to concentrate on
condamner pour (meurtre) - to sentence for (murder)
conseiller à - to advise
conseiller à qqun de faire qqch - to advise someone to do something
conseiller de - to advise to
consentir à - to consent to
se contenter de - to be happy ___-ing
continuer à / de - to continue to, to continue ___-ing
convenir à - to please, to be suitable for
convenir de - to agree to
convertir qqch en - to convert s-t into
copier sur qqun - to copy from s-o
couper en (deux) - to cut in (two)
courir - to run (to do something)
courir dans (l'herbe) - to run through (the grass)
coûter dans (les cent euros) - to cost about (100 euros)
craindre de - to fear ___-ing
craindre pour (sa vie) - to fear for (one's life)
creuser pour - to dig for
croire - to think, believe
croire à - to believe something
croire en - to believe in
croire qqun sur parole - to take someone's word


qqch - quelque chose / s-t - something
qqun - quelqu'un / s-o - someone

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