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France Today

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France Today

France Today, October 2009

The Bottom Line

France Today keeps English speakers up-to-date about French culture and travel.


  • English-language publication about France
  • French culture and travel information
  • Ideal for lovers of fashion and high society


  • The magazine changed its focus from students to socialites


  • Information about traveling in France.
  • Articles about various aspects of French culture.
  • Analysis of French politics and society.
  • Published 11 times per year.

Guide Review - France Today

France Today, subtitled "The Magazine of French Travel and Culture," is just that: an English-language publication dedicated to providing information about traveling in France (hotels, restaurants) and getting to know more about French culture: music, film, art, literature, and gastronomy. If you love France but don't necessarily speak French, reading France Today will help keep you up-to-date.

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