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French Calendar - 2013 - Un calendrier français

Free French calendar


If you'd like to get that extra little bit of French practice by using a French calendar, here's one for you to print out. How does this differ from an English calendar, you ask? Well, there are basically two things:
  • Months and days of the week are in French
  • The week begins on Monday, rather than Sunday
As a little something extra, there's also a French quotation given for each month, with its English translation.

   2013 French Calendar


This is a PDF file, so you need to open it in a free PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, and then print it out.

Each calendar page is sized to fit comfortably onto a sheet of letter-size (8x11") paper, landscape orientation.

If you'd like something a bit fancier, take a look at my list of Top French Calendars
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